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Land in Argassi

Ref #: 4474    Land in Argassi
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Argassi   
Land of 870sq.m. in Argassi with 40m. facing the main road.

250.000 €

Land in Agios Kirykas

Ref #: 4182    Land in Agios Kirykas
Municipal Section: Arkadion   Local Community: Agios Kirykas   
A property of 3.000sq.m. in Agios Kirykas with 36m. facing the road appropriate for any use.

300.000 €

Land in Gerakari

Ref #: 3981    Land in Gerakari
Municipal Section: Alykes   Local Community: Gerakari   
A property in Gerakari of 1.177sq.m. with 25,50m. facing the main road and 300m. from the sea. For sale in total or half of it.


Land in Varres

Ref #: 4023    Land in Varres
Municipal Section: Arkadion   Local Community: Varres   
Land in Varres of 1.000sq.m. appropriate for residens.

95.000 €

Land in Kallithea

Ref #: 4065    Land in Kallithea
Municipal Section: Alykes   Local Community: Kallithea   
Land in Kallithea of 1.000sq.m. with a sea view.

100.000 €

Land in Pigadakia

Ref #: 4064    Land in Pigadakia
Municipal Section: Alykes   Local Community: Pigadakia   
A property of 3.600sq.m. facing the road appropriate for a house.

100.000 €

Land in Lagadakia

Ref #: 4066    Land in Lagadakia
Municipal Section: Artemission   Local Community: Lagadakia   
A property of 1.500sq.m. in Lagadakia with 30m. facing the road.

110.000 €

Land in Tragaki

Ref #: 4071    Land in Tragaki
Municipal Section: Arkadion   Local Community: Tragaki   
A property of 1.041sq.m. near the Hotel Caravel, 300m. from the sea.

175.000 €

Land in Akrotiri

Ref #: 4073    Land in Akrotiri
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Akrotiri   
Land of 4.000sq.m. to 16.000sq.m. in Akrotiri facing the main road.


Lands in Gaitani

Ref #: 4075    Lands in Gaitani
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Gaitani   
Lands of 500sq.m. each in Gaitani appropriate for a house.


Land in Vanato

Ref #: 4086    Land in Vanato
Municipal Section: Arkadion   Local Community: Vanato   
A property of 6.000sq.m. with 46m. facing the road.

180.000 €

Land with sea view

Ref #: 3901    Land with sea view
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   
Land near the sea of 23.443sq.m. with a beautiful sea view and two houses in it, appropriate for any use.


Land in the mountains

Ref #: 3976    Land in the mountains
Municipal Section: Artemission   
Land in the mountains of 97.745sq.m. with stone fencing, entrance and a stone kiosk.


Land in Abelokipi

Ref #: 3924    Land in Abelokipi
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Abelokipi   
A property of 9.975sq.m. in Abelokipi facing two roads. For sale also half.

200.000 €

House in town with a sea view

Ref #: 5485    House in town with a sea view
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   
House of 120sq.m. in town with a sea view consisting of a living room - dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms and...


Commercial land in Town

Ref #: 5476    Commercial land in Town
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   
Commercial property of 145sq.m. with 16,5m. facing the road, near St. Marcos Square, appropriate for any use.

150.000 €

Commercial property near town

Ref #: 5449    Commercial property near town
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   
A three storey commercial property near town of 1.500sq.m. on a 3.000sq.m. plot with 25m. facing the main road appropriate for any use.

2.500.000 €

Stone house in Vassilikos

Ref #: 5336    Stone house in Vassilikos
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Vassilikos   
Stone house of 120sq.m. in Vasilikos with an amazing sea view. It consists of a living room – dining room, fireplace, kitchen...

700.000 € 400.000 €

Unfinished house in Gaitani

Ref #: 4916    Unfinished house in Gaitani
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Gaitani   
Unfinished house in Gaitani of 260sq.m. on a 1.029sq.m. plot.

250.000 € 150.000 €

Stone complex in Vassilikos

Ref #: 5435    Stone complex in Vassilikos
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Vassilikos   
Two unfinished stone houses in Vassilikos in the area of Gerakas of 80,43sq.m. and 75sq.m. each on a 4.766sq.m. plot...

270.000 €




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