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House in Town

Ref #: 5389    House in Town
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Agios Gerasimos   
A property in town of 94sq.m. on a 434sq.m. plot. Agios Gerasimos area.

100.000 €

Commercial property in Tragaki

Ref #: 5388    Commercial property in Tragaki
Municipal Section: Arkadion   Local Community: Tragaki   
Commercial property in Tragaki 50m. from the sea with an amazing panoramic view...

600.000 €

House in Romiri

Ref #: 5368    House in Romiri
Municipal Section: Artemission   Local Community: Romiri   
A two-storey house of 144sq.m. in Romiri consisting of a living room -dining room...

230.000 €

Luxury houses in Kea with sea view

Ref #: 5193    Luxury houses in Kea with sea view
Municipal Section: Kea   
Luxury maisonettes of 80sq.m. with a panoramic sea and mountain view on a total land area of 9000 sq.m. with an amphitheatrical setting, offering a lovely view to each of the houses, in a ideal (...)

150.000 €

Land on the beachfront in Lithakia

Ref #: 5350    Land on the beachfront in Lithakia
Municipal Section: Laganas   Local Community: Lithakia   
Land of 4.443sq.m. on the beachfront in Lithakia with 96m. facing the sea, appropriate for any use.

190.000 € 170.000 €

Stone house in Mouzaki

Ref #: 5284    Stone house in Mouzaki
Municipal Section: Laganas   Local Community: Mouzaki   
A property in Mouzaki of 170sq.m. with a sea view. It consists of a living room, dinning room with open kitchen, fireplace, a hostel room and a WC with a special antechamber for washing machine in (...)

165.000 €

Hotel near the sea

Ref #: 3132    Hotel near the sea
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   
Hotel of 19 rooms, 9 studios and one apartment fully renovated in 2002 on a 2.150sq.m. 30m. from the sea.


Complex in Alykes

Ref #: 3555    Complex in Alykes
Municipal Section: Alykes   Local Community: Alykes   
A complex of 8 studios and two apartments of 103sq.m. in Alykes on a 1.600sq.m. plot.


Complex in Agios Sostis

Ref #: 5324    Complex in Agios Sostis
Municipal Section: Laganas   Local Community: Agios Sostis   
A complex in Agios Sostis consisting of 4 studios and 2 fully furnished apartments on a 2.200sqs.m. plot.

290.000 €

Commercial property in Varres

Ref #: 4207    Commercial property in Varres
Municipal Section: Arkadion   
Commercial property in Varres consisting of a restaurant, two houses and two storages of 250sq.m. on a 2.500sq.m. plot. It can also be rented.


Store in town

Ref #: 4236    Store in town
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   
Store in town on Temponera street appropriate for any use.

100.000 €

Commercial apartment

Ref #: 4246    Commercial apartment
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   
First floor apartment in town of 160sq.m. appropriate for any use.


Luxury houses in Vassilikos

Ref #: 4126    Luxury houses in Vassilikos
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Vassilikos   
Three fully furnished villas in Vassilikos where two of them are separated in two apartments (one for two people and one for six).


Commercial property in a touristic area

Ref #: 4262    Commercial property in a touristic area
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Argassi   
Commercial property in the center of Argassi consisting of a store of 72sq.m. with a veranda of 72qs.m. on the ground floor and a basement of 45sq.m.


Commercial property in Sarakinado

Ref #: 4286    Commercial property in Sarakinado
Municipal Section: Arkadion   Local Community: Sarakinado   
Commercial property of 3.000sq.m. in Sarakinado with 30m.facing the road appropriate for any use. For sale also half.

300.000 €

Commercial property in Kalamaki

Ref #: 4320    Commercial property in Kalamaki
Municipal Section: Laganas   Local Community: Kalamaki   
Land in Kalamaki of 61.000sq.m. with 161m. facing the main road Kalamaki - Lagana.


Commercial land in Laganas

Ref #: 4331    Commercial land in Laganas
Municipal Section: Laganas   Local Community: Laganas   
Commercial land in Laganas of 998sq.m. 30m. from the sea with 5,20m. facing the road.

400.000 €

Hotel on the beachfront

Ref #: 4390    Hotel on the beachfront
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   
This is a complex located on the beach that has 34 rooms and 14 suites.


Commercial land in Kalamaki

Ref #: 4343    Commercial land in Kalamaki
Municipal Section: Laganas   Local Community: Kalamaki   
Commercial land of 1.762sq.m. in Kalamaki with 220,59m. and 6,65m. facing the main road appropriate for any use.

240.000 €

Commercial property in Laganas

Ref #: 4386    Commercial property in Laganas
Municipal Section: Laganas   Local Community: Laganas   
Commercial property in Laganas consisting of a store, bar, eight studios and an apartment on a 1.200sq.m. plot.

650.000 €




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