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Complex near the sea

Ref #: 5111    Complex near the sea
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   
Complex 350m. from the sea consisting of six apartments and twelve luxury studios.


Commercial property in Vassilikos

Ref #: 5176    Commercial property in Vassilikos
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Vassilikos   
Commercial property of 100sq.m. in Vassilikos on a 2.000sq.m. plot with 25m. facing the main road appropriate for any use.

200.000 €

Commercial land in Kos

Ref #: 5091    Commercial land in Kos
Municipal Section: Kos   
Commercial property of 19.480sq.m. in Kos 350m. from the sea appropriate for any use.

650.000 €

Commercial property in Town

Ref #: 5034    Commercial property in Town
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Agios Pavlos   
Commercial property in Town on a 81sq.m. plot. Consisting of a ground floor shop of 52sq.m. and an apartment on the floor level of 52sq.m.

250.000 €

Commercial land on the beachfront

Ref #: 5367    Commercial land on the beachfront
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   
Commercial land of 32.000.sq.m. with 148m. facing the beach appropriate for a hotel with a permitted area of 7.000sq.m. For sale also half.


Commercial land in Laganas

Ref #: 5247    Commercial land in Laganas
Municipal Section: Laganas   Local Community: Laganas   
Commercial property of 2.701sq.m. in Laganas with an old house of 50sq.m. It is located 400m. from the sea and is appropriate for commercial and residential use.

350.000 €

Restaurant in Kalamaki

Ref #: 5509    Restaurant in Kalamaki
Municipal Section: Laganas   Local Community: Kalamaki   
A restaurant for sale in Kalmaki of 160sq.m. on a 700sq.m. plot in a very busy area. It also includes 120sq.m. verandas. A ready business that can provide an immediate income.

200.000 €

Commercial land in Laganas

Ref #: 5531    Commercial land in Laganas
Municipal Section: Laganas   Local Community: Laganas   
Commercial land of 1.500sq.m. in Laganas appropriate for any use.

140.000 €

Commercial property near Town

Commercial property of 2.400sq.m. on a 7.000sq.m. plot appropriate for any use.


Land in Tragaki

Ref #: 5524    Land in Tragaki
Municipal Section: Arkadion   Local Community: Tragaki   
Land of 1.019sq.m. in Tragaki facing two roads with 22m. + 47m. appropriate for a house.

70.000 €

Land in Abelokipi

Ref #: 5512    Land in Abelokipi
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Abelokipi   
Land of 4.693sq.m. in Abelokipi with 32m. facing the road appropriate for a house.

80.000 €

Commercial land in Vasilikos

Ref #: 5520    Commercial land in Vasilikos
Municipal Section: Zakynthos   Local Community: Vasilikos   
Commercial property of 8.000sq.m. in Vasilikos with 380m. facing the road, 120m. from the sea and a sea view, appropriate for business use.


Land in Mouzaki

Ref #: 5487    Land in Mouzaki
Municipal Section: Laganas   Local Community: Mouzaki   
Land of 2.750sq.m. in Mouzaki appropriate for a house.

120.000 €

House in Fagia

Ref #: 5899    House in Fagia
House in Fagia of 110sq.m. on a 17.482sq.m. plot with olive trees, different trees and 2 wells. 




Divine Villas


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